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    " Constancy is what helps gradually pull us into sanity and balance. I assume people often don't give their 'duty thing' enough time to notice the benefit, and so quit. One must invest enough time to reap the reward. " So true. It can be hard to see if what we're doing makes a difference, or enough of a difference to maintain the effort. On the other hand, if all of our actions are effortless actions (wu wei), doing our "duty thing" would be only natural.
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    My thoughts after Sunday's discussion, continued along the lines of contrasting Taoist thought with Confucianism. Not because I think Confucianism is in anyway pertinent to our social context but because the same foundational concepts apply to our current social context. When thinking of Taoism I think of "seeking the truth inside of us". When thinking of Confucianism (not that I know very much about it) I think of "seeking the truth outside of us". This "seeking the truth outside of us" in my mind is clearly the dominate theme of our current social context. One is needed for our survival as individuals, but the other is needed for a more esoteric but no less important reason. The thing Carl sometimes refers to as our "sickness", I think of as our challenge in trying to bring these two different quests together in our lives. Or maybe that challenge is "The Way". If only we were hunter-gatherers, or animals, or toddlers, our quest would be easier. I have made choices in my life (I think most people have) that when looking back, I realize I would have been a lot wealthier, or a lot more comfortable or of a higher social status, if I had made a different choice. But I don't regret those choices, because I know those choices came from seeking the truth inside myself. It is a hard thing to define, probably undefinable. That's why we keep talking about it.